Gardaí Bring In Lenk & Colburn To Help With Sophie Toscan Du Plantier Case


GARDAÍ looking into the as-yet-unsolved case of the 1996 murder of Sophie Toscan Du Plantier in West Cork are to bring in specialists from the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s office in Wisconsin, USA, in a bid to finally bring the killer of the French film producer to justice.

Sergeant Andrew Colborn and Lieutenant James Lenk will be flown over to Ireland to assist detectives in cracking the cold case, nearly 20 years after the brutal crime.

It is hoped that Colborn and Lenk will be able to use their uncanny ability to find compelling evidence for the prosecution to help Gardaí finally create a case against Ian Bailey, who has been arrested twice for the murder but never prosecuted.

Bailey has previously lodged a High Court claim for damages against the state for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, and has claimed that he was the victim of a Garda conspiracy to frame him for the killing.

The case has been a source of huge international embarrassment for An Garda Síochána due to Ms. Toscan Du Plantier’s French nationality, which will hopefully be forgiven once Colburn and Lenk find some evidence to put Bailey away for life.

“These Manitowoc lads are specialists in this kind of thing,” said one source close to Gardaí.

“You think you’ve gone over everything, and the case is cold, but then they show up and a half hour later you’ve got everything you need; keys, DNA, murder weapons, signed confessions, you name it”.

Gardaí are confident that even if Lenk and Colburn do not manage to find Ian Bailey guilty of this murder, there’s bound to be something they can find him guilty for.