Feminists Seek To Officially Remove ‘Man’ & ‘Male’ Reference From Woman & Female


A GROUP of feminists has set about legally discrediting the terms ‘woman’ and ‘female’ due to their overtly oppressive patriarchal overtones.

Legal efforts will be made across several fronts with the Oxford dictionary asked to replace the words with suitable non-man referencing nouns ‘wom’ and ‘fe’, or face charges of hate crimes against woms.

Similarly, a well funded legal team will seek to repress use of the offensive nouns in print and online through repeated cease and desist requests.

“It’s long overdue,” explained one of the campaigners Sheena Hammond, herself a wom, at the initiative’s launch, “those terms which I can’t even stomach repeating pitch us as ‘of men’, ‘less than men’ and it’s time to forge a new discourse.”

While ‘wom’ and ‘fe’ are the proposed alternatives, Hammond and fellow campaigners haven’t ruled out listening to suggestions from other people.

“We’ve gone with ‘wom’ and not ‘wo’ because there’s a moment where you say to yourself how the fuck would you pronounce ‘wo’, so we’re making it easier there, but look it woms want it to be kagabooboo or whatever we’ll go with that,” the fe added.

Mens’ rights campaigners, typically made up of large numbers of men, have criticised the actions.

“Jesus, since when did ‘man’ or ‘male’ become such dirty words? I think they just need to calm down and accept it as a compliment that we divined to give them a name similar to ourselves, we could have just called them vaginas, but we didn’t,” Mark Mitchell, explained slowly to this female reporter.