Surprise Oscar Nomination For Meryl Streep For 4.3 Second Appearance In The Martian


POSSIBLY the greatest actress of all time Meryl Streep, is celebrating a surprise 20th Oscar nomination after a stunning 4.3 second turn in The Martian.

Oscar voters were again impressed by Meryl Streep’s ability to be the best actress of her generation while in a motion picture that was released within the window of time to be eligible for this year’s awards.

“Her performance was unforgettable in the Martian,” explained Hollywood movie critic Lisa Landau, “who can forget that bus passing by in the background as Jeff Daniels spoke with NASA employees, her face the truest depiction of joy unconfined,” Landau added highlighting Streep’s 4.3 second appearance on a bus advert for her own movie Suffragette.

Despite reports to the contrary, Streep did not play the cruel, challenging and unforgiving planet of Mars.

“She’s so good I wouldn’t doubt it for a second,” explained The Martian star Matt Damon, who genuinely believed Streep had been playing the rocky red planet for the first 3 months of the film’s shooting.

“It’s the only reason I agreed to do the movie,” Damon added, clearly disappointed.