Dublin Family To Leave Dog In Back Yard For Next 10 Years Without Walking It


DESPITE its relentless barking and whimpering since Christmas, a south Dublin family has decided to leave the newest family member in the backyard for the next ten years without ever walking it.

Benji the dog, a Labrador cross, has already gotten “too hairy and smelly” for the Donovan household to keep him indoors, claiming it’s better off out the back anyway in the fresh air.

Acquired through an online trading site for no money, the once playful pup was greeted by the younger family members with loving, open arms on Christmas day, after being presented by dad James.

“You should have seen their little faces when we brought him in,” Mr. Donovan recalled. “My youngest, Ella, said it was the bestest Christmas present ever and even had him in the bed with her that night.”

However, the following morning the 7-month-old pup was banished to the outside after urinating on the child’s bedroom floor.

“The little bastard pissed everywhere, so he did,” explains mum June Donovan. “The smell of it was there for days. And if that’s not enough, he even chewed up one of James’s Homer Simpson slippers I got him for Christmas, so we had to put him out the back”.

Now bored with the chained up nuisance, the Donovans completely ignore their pet’s mental state, and his continuous barking throughout the night in the congested housing estate.

“You get used to it after a while and don’t even hear it,” said next door neighbour Jerry Grace. “No, really, it’s quite soothing at four in the morning and I don’t mind it one bit. Honest”.