4 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Are Turning 50 This Year


IN 2016 some of our most beloved celebrities are turning 50, and we were shocked to learn of those celebs who you totally wouldn’t expect to be reaching half a century. Check out the essential list below:


It’s hard to believe with her haggard face that has obviously suffered some serious wear and tear that she’s only 50 but yes, Miley really is entering that phase in her life where she becomes utterly redundant as a woman and human being. We think she looks fantastic, obviously.


Fresh as a daisy, we were shocked to discover the spritely Mr. Nicholson was hitting the big 5-0. He defies his age, and looks like a man who should be dating a young Hollywood starlet half that age as he embraces a mid-life crisis.

cindy crawford

Wow! The stunning Miss Crawford still looks amazing, it’s as if all those glaring eyes and pressures to maintain the look and body of a 16-year-old model didn’t weigh on her at all. We can barely count the 347 wrinkles on her face. We can only wish we looked this good at 50 so when people tried to judge us on our beauty alone, we’d stand up to the test.

suri cruise

Well, maybe this one isn’t a surprise, she’s been looking her age for some time, and we’re never critical of strong, independent women, but Suri needs to shape up or else she’ll soon look like the living dead. Also, eek, she’s still single and not getting any younger.

Honorable mentions go to Lassie the dog, and the man who slipped on the ice on RTÉ news.