Husband Caught In Inaudible Limbo Between TV And Wife Talking


A GALWAY city man is said to be recovering today from what doctors believe was a ‘brain malfunction’ after being admitted to Galway regional hospital late last night.

At approximately 10.47pm, a 999 call was made by a woman in the west of the city who claimed that her husband was in a ‘static state’ and was ‘unresponsive’ on the couch while they were watching a television programme together.

When ambulances arrived at the house they found 32-year-old James Moran sitting in a catatonic state. Suspecting a stroke, paramedics immediately rushed Mr. Moron to a nearby hospital for evaluation where it was reported that he later came round to a stimulant drug.

“We were watching TV and talking,” wife Siobhan Donlan explained. “I could tell he was really trying to watch the telly by his grimaces when I spoke. I think my interrupting was vexing him a little and the multitasking confused him into shock.”

Doctors later confirmed the son-of-two was trapped in a sort of psychosis, limboing between the TV and the talking, forcing his brain to shut down completely.

“He basically crashed like a computer would,” Dr. Terrence Freeman told WWN. “He was trying to juggle listening to his girlfriend and listening to the TV at the same time. This can sometimes leave men in a Silas Marner type state, much like an epileptic fit. He should be fine in a few days.”

Dr. Freeman urged couples to refrain from talking during films, especially women, as men are unable to process more than one audible thing at a time, as opposed to women, who can listen up to 10 to 12 conversations at once.