MySpace Founder Gives 99% Of Fortune To His Landlord


THE founder of the social media network MySpace has published a statement in which he declared that he will be giving 99% of his accumulated earnings from the site to his landlord, in exchange for the right to stay in his one-bedroom apartment for another fortnight.

Tom Anderson, also known as “MySpace Tom” or “sorry, I don’t have any change for you at the moment”, co-founded the site in 2002. Following a surge in popularity from 2005 to 2008, MySpace fell out of favour with a fickle online audience who left in droves for other social media sites.

Bought for $580 million by Newscorp in 2005, MySpace was sold in 2011 for just $35 million, before a relaunch in 2013 which failed to interest anyone. Anderson was replaced as president in 2009, and currently “enjoying being retired” according to his Twitter account.

News on Anderson has been scarce over the past few years, although this week’s announcement by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that he would be “donating 99% of his $45billion fortune to charity” was mirrored by Tom’s announcement that he would be giving 99% of the $745 left in his checking account to his Los Angeles landlord in order to keep a roof over his head for another while.

“This will be a new chapter in my life,” said Anderson, while eating ramen noodles.

“I will be able to spend the next week or so trolling the shit out of that prick Zuckerberg, who thinks he’s so amazing because his social network has like a billion users. Ha! Everyone knows that MySpace is the place to be for musicians! Zuckerberg will get his, you just wait and see”.

Anderson went on to ask his neighbours if he could charge his phone in their apartment for an hour, just until his electricity gets switched back on.