Denis O’Brien Pictured At Car Boot Sale Selling Everything


IRISH businessman Denis O’Brien was snapped at a Cork carboot sale earlier today selling just about anything he could, a source confirmed.

The billionaire reportedly set up his stall around 10am, haggling with various punters over some of the items on display.

“I got to two water meters in front there, never used,” he pitched to one man who was browsing. “Nice picture of a Portuguese resort for the wife, maybe? Going chape!”

Following a slow start, the son-of-two managed to flog a large Topaz sign to an American speaking man for an undisclosed amount of money.

“I got her cheap, but she’s in good nick,” he confirmed, before spitting on his now out-stretched hand. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll throw in this Esso keyring as well… for good luck.”

By midday, Mr. O’Brien was seen smiling, counting large wads of money at his van, but could not, however, give one customer a price on a large picture of the Irish Proclamation they were looking at.

“Ah Jaysus, I don’t know to be honest. It’s a hard one to put a price on,” he said to an interested party. “I’d trade for a Maltese passport if you have it”

Failing to strike a deal, O’Brien was then asked what he had in his van.

“Ah, that’s just my collection of mobile phone memorabilia,” he replied. “I was going to sell it, but no one was offering me the right price. I’ll be back again for the next car boot sale in a few weeks; might try to sell them again if you’re around.”