Judge Rules That If Couple Are To Watch Lethal Weapon, They Must Also Watch Love Actually


A LANDMARK high court ruling has finally settled a festive movie conflict between a man and his long-time girlfriend, with the judge ruling it only right and fair to watch both the classic 80s buddy cop thriller Lethal Weapon and the sentimental romantic comedy Love, Actually.

The ruling ends years of annual debates between Michael Cahill and his girlfriend of 7 years, Sheila Wynne, in which neither would agree to spend an evening in front of the telly watching the others choice of movie.

Cahill has steadfastly refused to watch the feel-good ensemble piece Love Actually, declaring it to be “pure shite hi”, while Wynne has never managed more than 10 minutes of Lethal Weapon, citing excessive violence and the fact that Mel Gibson is a prick these days as her reasons.

Judge Ken Morris heard both sides of the argument over a gruelling 12-day trial, before emphatically ruling that the couple were to watch Love, Actually tonight, and then Lethal Weapon the following weekend.

“We are prepared to obey the rulings handed down by this court,” said Ms. Wynne, during a joint victim impact statement.

“Neither of us are happy to have to watch movies that we clearly don’t like, but we are willing to sit down and watch both if it finally ends the arguments we have each Christmas. As a further ruling, the judge also granted us the right to stare at our phones throughout the duration of the films if we so wish, and we will both be taking full advantage of this concession”.

Judge Morris made it clear that the viewing order was to be adhered to, as he deemed Mr. Cahill “more likely to renege on the deal” if he got to watch Lethal Weapon first.