Local Woman “Very Dressed Up” For A Weekday


FOLLOWING extensive discussions between the residents of a small Roscommon town, it has been confirmed that one Boyle woman is “very dressed up” today; a matter made all the more controversial by the fact that it’s a weekday.

Unbeknownst to Maria Farrelly, 24, her every move has been watched by passersby since she left her house for work this morning.

Feeling the malaise of a midweek slump, Farrelly put a little extra effort into her makeup and hair this morning, and wore clothes from the nicer end of her wardrobe to cheer herself up.

This has led to a high level of umbrage among the Boyle community, with many claiming that someone dressing well on a weekday may be a sign that they consider themselves to be “better than everyone else”.

“Yes, I watched her go by earlier today, all dressed up like she was going out for the night,” said one Boyle citizen, echoing the sentiments of the entire Nation.

“I was thinking, ‘eh, hello love, it’s only Wednesday, where do you think you’re going caked in make-up with your hair all done like that?’ I know her, she only works in an office like. The way she was dressed you’d swear she thought she was important”.

If you see someone in your town or on the bus who you feel is dressed too nicely for a weekday, please do not approach them. Maintain your distance, and only discuss it once the person is gone.