Barack Obama Crashed This Couple’s Wedding



AFTER news and pop culture sites reported that US president Barack Obama crashed the wedding of a couple in San Diego to pose for photos, and talk with the happy couple, WWN can reveal that this isn’t the first time the Democrat has carried out the kind gesture.

Today’s news provided a timely boost for the president as he is set to be ushered out of the White House next year, and goes some way to highlighting just why so many people in America and around the world find the leader so inspiring and refreshing, and why he’s so popular with his famous friends.

A quiet guy and not one to play the PR game despite his high office, the president is believed to have performed a similar feat on December the 12th, 2013, when unable to make it to a wedding in Yemen, he instead sent a drone on his behalf, killing 12 innocent people that were attending a wedding.


“It was certainly a day they’ll never forget,” Radaa local Muhammad Kuranhyi told WWN, “etched in all our memories forever, even if it didn’t trend on Twitter. It does speak to the character of the man, though, as although he couldn’t make it himself, he made his presence felt”.

Not wanting to draw attention to himself and away from that of the Yemeni wedding party, Obama made sure to utilise US military classification of any males over the age of 16, be they innocent or not, as ‘enemy combatants’ meaning that he can refer to any wedding party deaths as successful military strikes even if this isn’t the case.


“He’s just shy, and see, this was different to the wedding yesterday as there weren’t cameras around so there was less pressure around posing for photos, and in that way it didn’t really go viral,” US political commentator Alwin Jones explained why so many news and pop cultures sites shared yesterday’s wedding appearance, but not that of Yemen in 2013.

“It’s nice, because that way, that day in Yemen was all about the people there, and not about how a president flew in for a quick photo op, and then headed off”.

White House aides have been very vocal after the president’s attendance at the wedding yesterday, but in an effort to protect the identities of those in attendance at the wedding in Yemen, they have chosen to stay tight lipped about the joyous occasion of the 12th of December 2013.