Bake-Off Winner May Be Operating Secret Training Camps


INTELLIGENCE gathered by covert operatives has hinted that Nadiya Jamir Hussain, the Muslim winner of this year’s Great British Bake Off, may be the mastermind behind a number of covert training camps all across West Yorkshire.

Nadiya, a Muslim, emerged victorious from the cake-based show on the BBC, which also runs shows about terrorism and things to look out for if you suspect someone is a threat to national security. The Muslim, who wears a headscarf, appeared overjoyed after judges Paul & Mary voted her the winner, weeping with joy while wearing a headscarf and being a Muslim.

However, new information has now come to light that suggests that Nadiya, a Muslim, may be operating secret training camps in her home in Leeds, as well as other sites around the area.

These training facilities appear from the outside to be simple baking lessons for kids as young as 5, with Nadiya, Muslim, teaching the basics of making scones and Rice Crispie buns. The camps are drawing a lot of interest from younger people, and perhaps most alarmingly many non-Muslim kids appear to be attending as well.

“It seems like Nadiya is just showing her kids and her friends’ kids how to bake, but what are we not seeing?” asked one man commentating on a Daily Mail post. “Things like this can be suspicious, and warrant closer inspection. Of course, our overly-PC police constables don’t want to hear any allegations against the woman, because we live in a world gone mad”.

The man went on to add that he wasn’t suspicious of Nadiya just because she’s a Muslim, but added “well, she is a Muslim”.