Barack Obama Serenaded By Candle Laden Drone For His 54th Birthday


PRESIDENT of the United States of America Barack Obama was serenaded with a surprise happy birthday drone at a US air force base in Africa today.

Mr. Obama, who is currently on an ego-driven tour of the continent, was greeted by the candle laden aircraft as he was about to board air force one.

“You guys have really gone all out here,” he joked with military personnel as they applauded their president.

A carefully arranged guestlist sourced from the Young African Leaders Summit helped to gleefully serenade the president. “Seriously, is that even safe to have open flames like that near all this aviation fuel?”

The drone, which had just returned from a bombing mission in neighbouring Libya, marked the 54th birthday of one of the most trigger happy leaders of the free world, who currently has over 2,700 kills since his administrations inception in 2009.

Obama, who reinstated the $1.3 billion in military funding to Egypt earlier this year despite the overthrowing of a democratically elected leader in 2013 resulting in the initial ceasing of the funding, has enjoyed many positive column inches since his arrival on the vast continent due mainly to refusing to engage with tough issues.

“Yes we can visit the continents we bomb while gracefully scouring them for capital gain,” he later addressed regiment Alpha Delta, who arranged the birthday surprise. “The only ‘hope’ I have is to reach the three thousand mark kill before my term is up…. Hoorah!” he shouted, echoed back by his troops. “Hoorah!”

Mr. Obama then climbed on the military drone to blow out the candles to yet more cheers and flag waving, before it embarked on another bombing mission in Somalia.