Wedding Annulled After Failing To Produce Viral Video Hit


A DUBLIN couple who were joined in wedded bliss on Saturday have filed for an annulment after their wedding reception passed without anything that could be used as the basis of a hilarious video with online viral potential.

Rhona Johnson married David Carragher in Stepaside after a relationship that spanned 12 years, and were joined by their family and friends for a lavish reception in the plush surroundings of Carson House in Co. Wicklow.

The newly-wedded couple were said to be overjoyed at finally tying the knot, although this joy was eroded as the day passed without anything memorable or unique being captured on film, robbing the couple of their one chance at being on every online content collation site in Ireland.

Both Rhona and David blame each other, with the weeping bride stating that she was sure the best men would have made a video where they run around looking for the ring, while the groom angrily demanded to know why his wife hadn’t organised an elaborate dance routine with her bridesmaids.

“I feel like this whole thing has just been a waste of time,” said Rhona, filling out her annulment papers.

“When you plan a wedding, you dream of being that bride who gets to be on a wacky video that shows up on… and I didn’t get that. I just got a stupid regular wedding where me and my husband had to sit through a bunch of regular speeches without anything amazing happening. I feel so cheated”.

Footage has emerged of popular singer Ed Sheeran making a surprise appearance to sing the couple onto the floor for their first dance, although so far this has only gained 27 views on YouTube as Sheeran has showed up at practically every wedding this year.