Blatter Disgusted After Finding Out Money Used In Prank Is Fake


SOURCES close to Sepp Blatter have confirmed to the media that the 79-year-old was “disgusted” following a prank at a press conference today, after a British comedian showered the FIFA president with hundreds of dollar bills which were later revealed to be fakes.

Blatter, who faced down corruption charges earlier this year, was said to be utterly furious when a press conference in FIFA’s Zurich headquarters was interrupted by Lee Nelson, who himself is an utter twat.

Nelson, famous for storming the Glastonbury headline set of Kanye West earlier this year, threw a huge handful of banknotes at Mr. Blatter after approaching him on stage, before being bundled off by security guards.

Mr. Blatter, who was heard on tape to say “weeeeeeee” at the sight of the money cascading down around him, changed his tune when he held a note up to the light and discovered it was a forgery.

“Sepp is very upset about the whole thing,” said a source close to the beleaguered FIFA chief.

“For a minute, he thought he was being approached by an emissary from a small, corrupt nation who wanted to apply to host an upcoming soccer tournament. He then learned that it was only a prank, but still remained upbeat because he had stashed all of the thrown notes in his jacket. When he found out they were forgeries, he hit the fucking roof altogether”.

There have been no reports as to what has happened to Nelson after the stunt, with many believing he may have been taken out the back and executed by penalty shoot-out.