Renewed Calls To Ban Garth Brooks Tribute Acts After Fifth Is Beaten To Death In Carlow


THERE have been renewed calls to enforce an outright ban on all Garth Brooks Tribute acts this week after a fifth performer was beaten to death in a county Carlow pub last night.

So far there have been five men killed angry mobs in the last four weeks, forcing the government to pass a a motion to ban all Garth Brooks songs and tribute acts across the country.

Last night’s incident seen 45-year-old singer Teddy Morris ripped down from the stage by patrons of the Hogs Head bar in Bagenalstown.

“Within two minutes of him breaking into song, he was hit with a large bottle of Bulmers thrown from the crowd,” recalled eyewitnesse and head doorman James Butler. “I immediately called for back up, but by the time we got to the front of the stage it was too late.”

Mr. Morris reportedly stumbled forward after being hit on the head with the glass bottle, falling headfirst into the awaiting crowd.

“First to go was his hat and boots,” added Butler, who was visibly upset describing the scene. “Teddy was calling for his wife and children. When we got to him he was already naked and a leather boot had been rammed up his anus. One of my colleagues had to subdue a backing singer who was beating Terry with a guitar. His last words were to pass on his love to his family. Christ! I can still see him twitching.”

The grandson of four was pronounced dead on arrival to St Vincent’s hospital in Dublin, after being turned down by St. Luke’s hospital in Kilkenny due to what he did for a living.

A spokesperson for the A&E department defended staffs decision to refuse Mr. Morris treatment, stating the hospital has the right to turn down any Garth Brooks tribute acts if it pleases.

“If we take one act in to care, then we’ll have to take them all.” said Dr. Henry Petal, chief consultant at the hospital. “It is now up to the government to do something about these people who seem to think they have the right to tour the country without consequence.”

Meanwhile, Taoiseach Enda Kenny is expected to pass a motion to place a temporary ban on all country music until the Garth Brooks bill in introduced next week.