Tony Blair Just Glad He Wasn’t War Criming During This ‘ICC Snowflake Era’


“TO think Bibi is getting called out over a measly 35 thousand deaths sends a chill up my spine – me and George did 10, maybe 20 times that,” former British Prime Minister Tony Blair told WWN in exclusive interview yesterday evening.

Speaking from a luxurious 5-star hotel in Dubai where he gave a £150k speech for a private conference, Sir Tony Blair said he was glad he doesn’t lead a country during these snowflake times, stating it’s all ‘hold responsible for this’, ‘receive actual justice for that’.

“We put the ‘cide’ into genocide,” the man part-responsible for the annihilation of an estimated 700k Iraqis gloated, “we invented lies and invaded a sovereign nation because another nation we were too afraid of attacked the US – unlike the weapons of mass destruction we concocted, you couldn’t make it up.”

Blair’s comments come after the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court applied for arrest warrants against Benjamin Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant over the ongoing slaughter in Gaza, Palestine.

“Imagine what the snowflakes in the ICC would have said back in my day? Not to be Hague here… sorry vague… but me and the Bushmiester would have been royally fucked, much like a Fallujah wedding party.”

Meanwhile, Julian Assange is still being held captive in a British prison awaiting extradition for highlighting American war crimes.