“Don’t Go, You’re Great Craic” – Ireland Reacts To The Israeli Ambassador Recall


FOLLOWING news that Israel’s Ambassador to Ireland Dana Erlich has been recalled over Ireland’s decision to recognise the state of Palestine, WWN takes to the streets to get local reactions.

“She’ll probably insist on taking someone’s window seat on the plane” – says John from Portlaw.

“Is the Israeli embassy up for rent now or what?” – asks Julie from, Leitrim.

“Recalled? I knew she had a few faults alright” – pointed out Tim from Tralee.

“That’ll hurt Israel’s Irish televote score in the Eurovision next year” – Ciaran, Galway.

“She has a face on her that’d stop all the clocks in Switzerland, so best they fly around” – Martin, pilot, Dublin Airport.

“Aw don’t go, Dana, you’re great craic” – several people said at the same time.

“Ah feck’s sake, it was her turn to host our book club” – Alan, Dublin.

“Don’t let the door hit her arse on the way out, as they’ll probably fucking bomb the shit out of us if it does” – Mark, Clonmel.

“Can she take Alan Shitter with her?” asked Dave, Tramore.

“I think I’ll miss her defence of the mass murder of innocent civilians the most” – Bernie, Dublin.

“Just make sure she doesn’t take any Irish passports with her on her way out” – Mark, Wicklow.

“Does anyone know if she had Europa League final tickets, and if so, can I have them now?” – Tony, Cork.

“And another thing – Guinness is shite, Tayto smells like feet and is owned by Germans. The Cliff of Moher? Tiny in person, boring even. I’m out!” – Dana Erlich, former Israeli ambassador to Ireland.