Waterford Woman Needs A Lend Of Two Euros For The Bus



MOTHER of none Janet Harris approached yet another stranger today in a city centre car park requesting a “lend of two euros” for the bus home, it has been reported.

Ms. Harris, who has been desperately trying to raise the bus fare for the past three months, was again told to move on by a shopping centre security guard, but refused him point blank.

“Its a free country!” she shouted, before spitting on the ground in front of him. “Fuck off and mind your own business ya fucking pig bastard ya.”

It is not known exactly how much money she needs to raise for the ticket, but staff members at the shopping centre believe it could well be into the hundreds of euros.

“She must be getting the Eurolines bus to Berlin or something.” said Teresa Power, who runs a local beauty salon. “In the last three weeks I’m after giving her at least thirty euros alone. Hopefully she’ll make the fare soon enough. The weather hasn’t treated her well either. She looks wrecked.”

Shoppers at the centre have come to know Ms. Harris personally over the 3 months, stating she’s ‘a bit of a character’ at the back of it all.

“She seems sound enough. She only ever looks for two euro.” said one old-aged-pensioner, who admitted to regularly giving her money. “I wouldn’t blame her for not thumbing a lift home, there are some dodgy people out there these days.”

One man speculated that Ms. Harris may not actually be saving the money for a bus fare at all, but might be spending it on “her love for spoons” instead.

“I spotted her in a café asking for spoons last week.” he recalled. “I bet she is one of those hoarders who spends all her time and money collecting spoons. The poor dear.”

If you would like to donate to Ms. Harris’ cause, she can be located at any car-park pay-station in Waterford city.