Middle-Aged Man Wearing Leather Jacket Politely Asked To Stop



WWN can exclusively report on a grassroots movement in the south of Dublin, which has seen a middle-aged man being asked, ever so politely, to refrain from the wearing of a leather jacket.

Frank Gerathy, a 46-year-old father of three, had been threatening to break out ‘the old leather jacket’ following the successful shifting of a few pounds. Frank, full of confidence, thought his eldest daughter’s 21st birthday to be the perfect occasion for reintroducing the world to his tan coloured leather jacket.

The father of three stated on a number of occasions that ‘you know your old man used to be pretty cool’. It was at this point that Frank’s three daughters, Rachel, Sarah and Elaine created a support group where they would discuss the thought of their U2-loving father wearing a leather jacket in the presence of many of their peers and the ultimate ramifications of such an action.

“I’ve come close to getting sick at the mere thought of Frank wearing leather,” Frank’s eldest daughter Sarah told WWN. “There should be advisory labels on those jackets or like an age limit imposed,” added younger sister Rachel.

As the three girls shared their troubling story with friends, they realised they were not the only set of children faced with the possibility of being scared for life at the thought their father attempting to be cool, in fact hundreds of their peers held the same fears.

Out of these interactions grew the Children Against Leather Jacket Wearing Dads (CALJWD), a pressure group whose main focus was to politely explain to middled-aged fathers why it’s best they stop wearing leather jackets and ceased trying to be cool in general.

“After much thought and consideration, we just sat Frank down and staged an intervention of sorts,” shared Frank’s youngest daughter Elaine, “we told him what most people already know – that it is shameful and embarrassing for a man of his age to wear treated animal rawhide as a casual jacket.”

While Frank’s daughters, let their father know in the most polite fashion possible the news was still greeted with some opposition.

“They can fuck off if they think I don’t look the dogs bollocks in this, have a look at me. Go on, look at me. H-o-t-s-t-u-f-f,” Frank said as he spun around before pointing his fingers in a gun like fashion in this reporter’s direction.