Hilarious Facebook User Quotes Father Ted Again



AFTER FOURTEEN likes from complete strangers, Facebook user Mark Holden patted himself on the back again for writing yet another perfectly timed Father Ted quote on a comments thread.

The 28-year-old funny man immediately swooped in to action after a local news page reported of gunshots being fired in the Ukrainian standoff in Crimea.

“I knew I had to get in there quickly with ‘Careful now’,” recalled Holden. “Then all I had to do was sit back and watch the likes flow in.”

Mark claims he makes at least twenty references to the popular Irish comedy every day on various social networking sites.

“I’ve got a bit of a knack for it now.” he boasted. “I’m usually the first in, but there’s this dickhead called James Pierce from Dublin who’s always trying to beat me to it.

The unemployed formula 1 driver told WWN that the Pierce/Holden Father Ted quote war first started in 2004.

“He was basically copying what I was doing.” he explained. “Then on an Irish Times post things got heated. We had a quote-off, and things got out of hand. Our comments were deleted. But that’s the Irish Times for you – always trying to cover up the truth.”

Although Father Ted finished up in 1998, Mark Holden is still one of 400,000 people in Ireland who spends the majority of their time quoting lines from the show.

“I also do Anchorman quotes on weekends when I go out with my friends.” he added. “We’re a great bunch of lads.”