Irish Lad Oddly Disappointed It Hasn’t All Kicked Off In Ukraine Yet



Roscommon man Niall Carey has expressed a worrying amount of displeasure at the fact that the continuing tensions between Russia and Ukraine have yet to result in what he calls ‘taking names and fucking shit up’, more commonly referred to as the tragedy of war.

Niall, a 23-year-old student at GMIT, has been transfixed by the ever emerging details regarding Russia’s presence in Crimea and what it could mean for Ukraine, the EU and international relations in general.

“I was genuinely shocked by Russia’s actions in the beginning like Ukraine is a sovereign nation after all,” Niall shared with WWN, “but am I the only one who kind of feels let down a little at this point? I mean I was sure Putin was going go for it big time – explosions, massive casualties, the works!”

Niall has been able to identify that perhaps his thinking is less than acceptable and that he should refrain from airing such views in public but he maintains his right to be disappointed.

“I guess it’s one big let down. I was looking forward to all of the Sky News coverage when shit went down. They have those cool trailers sometimes for the news like it was an episode of 24 or Die Hard 9,” opined the science student.

While friends of the Roscommon native have criticised him for his glib attitude, several of them have rushed to Wikipedia to check out the full capabilities of the Russian army, noting that Russia probably had over 8,000 nuclear warheads.

“I’ve kind of stopped checking the news first thing in the morning to be honest. I’ve given up hope of some serious fucking carnage being wrought by Putin and the lads but I suppose you never know,” Niall concluded but sighing several times.