Inside Kerry Katona: TV3’s First live Celeb Autopsy To Air In The New Year.


A recently euthanised Kerry Jane Elizabeth Katona in a last ditch attempt at fame is being sliced open in front of a live studio audience at TV3 studios, Ballymount, Dublin.

Producers of the show say that othing is spared. viewers will see everything, from intestines pouring out on the floor to her rotted nose been dissected.

Katona decided to follow in the foot-steps of past reality TV stars, Jade Goodey and Michael Jackson, and have herself dead in order to reach her only goal in life-immortal fame.

Squeamishness reached its peak when they took a lopped-off foot and put it on to a car jack to test how much weight it could actually hold. The results were astounding.

But don’t be fooled ladies and gentlemen, this is not a circus.

After all the blood and guts, the shock factor disappeared and what was left was an interesting insight into the wonderful world of autonomy and a very neat science documentary.

The attention to detail is phenomenal. Every anatomical discovery was explained: how Kerry could breathe through her cocaine rotted nose, why her lungs are like nothing else found in nature and most bizarrely how her leg muscles were able to support her fluctuating weight.

Some suprises were also uncovered. They discovered that Katona had syphilis and was also going to die from a rare liver disease: you can actually see the liver poking through her abdonimal wall.

Fascinating stuff.

Dr.Jacob popped up to talk about how Kerry evolved, while presenter Noel Edmunds visited her family home in London in an emotional VT segment.

Back in the studio, he made desperately sincere speeches about celebrating Katona’s “aided death”.

It didn’t quite chime with Noels enthusiasm for the celebrities autopsy.

But the deceased Katona got her revenge on the Deal or no Deal star. As he was holding up her large intestine to the camera, it tore under its own weight, and he was treated to a blast of methane gas in his face. Comedy under such dark circumstance was warmly welcomed by the shows live studio audience, who gracefully applauded the situation.

‘Inside Kerry Katona’ will be aired next month on TV3.