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Use Of Air Quotes Still The Easiest Way To Spot If Someone’s A Prick

THE EXPERIMENTAL field of pricology has yielded some interesting results thanks to the conclusion of the latest study by the Institute of Studies WWN can exclusively reveal. After closely observing unbearable pricks in their natural habitats lead researchers discovered the common thread running through their behaviour was the shameless use of air quotes. “It has… Read more »

Stupid Fucking Idiots Easily Offended

THE MOST moronic among us are susceptible to taking offence to almost anything, it has emerged. A study conducted by the Institute of Studies has concluded that even the slightest mention of some opinion or thought contrary to one that a brainless idiot holds results in that fucking idiot taking offence. “It’s really quite simple,”… Read more »

Every Fucking Thing May Pose Cancer Risk, Finds Study

EVERY fucking thing may pose a high risk of cancer, according to a controversial new study published that contradicts previous research that says the opposite of the first study, the study claimed today. Oxford University found that everything you eat, drink, smell and touch can put you at a much higher risk of getting the… Read more »

Men Are Just Horrible

  A scientific study has confirmed what was widely suspected by society for some time: men are just horrible. A study published today by the Institute of Studies has conclusively proved beyond all doubt that the male of the species are altogether horrible. “While we don’t rush to judgement, the empirical evidence simply confirms what… Read more »