Men Are Just Horrible



A scientific study has confirmed what was widely suspected by society for some time: men are just horrible.

A study published today by the Institute of Studies has conclusively proved beyond all doubt that the male of the species are altogether horrible.

“While we don’t rush to judgement, the empirical evidence simply confirms what we all knew about men previously,” shared head researcher of the study Grace Primrose.

Citing their general demeanour, appearance, behaviour and smell the study concluded that men ‘are really unsavoury people when scratch beyond the surface’.

The study makes concessions for men who are encountered in isolation, marking them out as the most tolerable iteration while noting that men encountered in a large group lend themselves to what is scientifically referred to as ‘maximum dickheadedness’.

Although it is widely presumed that only women hold this opinion of men, this latest study has given many men the courage to speak out about against their own gender.

“I’m quite happy day to day, but when you really focus in on it, the farting, the staring, the laughing, pretty much everything makes your skin crawl,” confirmed ashamed man Martin Brennan.

“I’m sick of ignoring it really, we’re a great big bunch of willy owning bastards,” shared distressed man Killian Walshe, “if it’s not our arses hanging out, it’s the not cleaning up after ourselves, weeing all over the toilet seat. The list is actually endless,” he surmised before running off in a fit of shame.

The full impact of the study will not be known for some time, but experts in the field of men are already suggesting men may be phased out of reproduction as they have been deemed the worst thing in the world ever with no obvious use or application.