JobBridge Intern Developing A Drinking Problem Like A Proper Journalist



WWN’s JobBridge intern Kevin Murray is continuing to learn valuable lessons that go the very core of journalism in the 21st century.

Following working close to 140 hours over the past 9 days Kevin is learning an essential part of being a journalist: relying on alcohol to get you through the day.

Previous weeks have seen the media studies graduate act as the designated driver for several of his coworkers. This has involved being on a virtual 24 hour call, often resulting in dropping journalist Terry Bull to his home at 4am.

However, it now seems Kevin has taken to leaving his bicycle in the office as he quietly drinks large amounts of spirits in the staff toilets as a coping mechanism.

“You don’t get violent, which is a real shame, but Trev, you’ve really taken to this aspect of the job,” Bull is said to have remarked from the comfort of the staff toilets floor.

Despite taking to alcohol dependency with real flair, Kevin has yet to carry out any actual journalistic tasks, but he has been assured on several occasions that a meeting of some sort will be held eventually about that kind of stuff.

Kevin’s dedication to his €2.50 an hour job has seen him work 9 days straight ultimately leading to a precious reward. This weekend, Kevin will be put in charge of every aspect of the publication as head honcho Colm Williamson brings staff on a weekend team building exercise to the Algarve, in Portugal.