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Dirtbird Population Soars, Finds Study

WILDLIFE experts have warned that the Dublin dirtbird population is now spiralling out of control, calling on the government to intervene before the city and surrounding county is overrun, WWN has learned. Tens of thousands of dirtbirds were recorded last year after jumping over 1000%, with calls now for the Irish army to cull the… Read more »

Rotten Luck! This Bee Has A Pollen Allergy

“Bssssshatschibssssssshatschi!” This is what it sounds like when honey bee Annie goes about her work. The 39-day-old suffers from a pollen allergy – a particularly tough bit of bad luck for someone in her industry. “My grandparents on both sides were pollen collectors, my parents too – there was no question what I would do… Read more »

Trees Get Aroused When Ivy Chokes Them, New Research Finds

NEW biological research into the behaviour of plants has found strange electronic signals from trees in the grips of being succumbed by Hedera, commonly called ivy, indicates trees actually quite like being choked to death of light. Using sophisticated electronic probes which read into the various chemical and electrical reactions of plants, researchers at WIT college in Waterford found ‘climactic-like orgasms’… Read more »

Average Human Being Now 7% Plastic

A SHOCKING new report into the DNA makeup of modern day human beings has found that a staggering 7% of our bodies now contain some form of micro plastic, a 6% rise in only a decade. Scientists from Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology and NUI Galway published the report yesterday, and called on the government to intervene and… Read more »

Gardening Tips With WWN

THE good weather is finally here, which means you’ve no more excuses, it’s time to sort out the garden like you promised to do several years ago. Put to bed those rumours of ‘getting someone in to do it’… we all know you’ll never spend money on a garden, when there’s pints that you still… Read more »