Traffic Delays As Wild Luas Goes For Drive In Phoenix Park


DESPITE weeks of preparation, the new cross city Luas line has created horrendous traffic delays throughout Dublin’s city centre, with the latest incident seeing a wild Luas breaking from its tracks to go chasing deer in Phoenix Park, WWN has learned.

Assurances were given in the weeks leading up to the new line’s launch that all Luas trams had been ‘city-trained’ and would behave, sticking to their specific routes, however, this latest problem which has caused traffic chaos has left commuters livid.

“This is ridiculous, they’ve had weeks to train them, and they’re only on the streets two minutes and they’re off farting about in a park, with passengers on them and all. It’s a disgrace,” shared one seasoned commuter Paul Dreelan.

Luas trainers have come in for criticism, but have stood firm, claiming there was always going to be teething problems.

“Look, no one said it was going to be a flawless roll out. Are we sorry for the commuters forced to stay on board as the Luas tried to hump an articulated lorry? Of course, but these beasts find it hard to deal with traffic lights and roads, please just have a little patience,” one Luas trainer, Eddie Connon told WWN.

The wild Luas was later shot with a tranquiliser dart by Luas tamers and brought back to its cage.