Dirtbird Population Soars, Finds Study


WILDLIFE experts have warned that the Dublin dirtbird population is now spiralling out of control, calling on the government to intervene before the city and surrounding county is overrun, WWN has learned.

Tens of thousands of dirtbirds were recorded last year after jumping over 1000%, with calls now for the Irish army to cull the population.

“There’s bleedin’ dirtbirds running wild around the inner city now causing havoc with traffic and inner-city businesses,” warned wildlife expert James Halley, of the Dirtbird Watch Society of Ireland, “I’ve seen flocks of dirtbirds migrate from one part of the city to the other so it’s very difficult to keep track of the dirtbirds”.

Analysis from tagged dirtbirds suggests that some dirtbirds have begun migrating as south as Waterford and Cork, evolving into nests of regional based dirtbirds, locally known as bints or doses.

“If dirtbirds integrate with bints we could have a totally new dangerous breed of the two within the next five years,” Halley added.

Despite the soaring numbers of bleedin’ dirtbirds, a government spokesman confirmed there is no immediate plan to cull the dirtbird population as of yet, but stated the government will keep an eye on the soaring figures.

Meanwhile, skanger community figures have confirmed a vast decrease in numbers after a 2017 cull on the number of skangers growing ronnies, which is believed to have had a knock-on effect on langers, scobes and scumbags.

Elsewhere, experts have confirmed the lesser observed White Collared Vulture population is thriving thanks to government indifference.