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Is It A New Netflix Show Or One We Made Up?

ALWAYS a rewarding treasure trove of new TV shows and movies, just what has Netflix got in the pipeline now, and are the concepts so harebrained and ridiculous that it’s hard to decipher them from ones WWN Entertainment employed a monkey at a typewriter to come up with? Test yourself: Murder Among Murdering Murderers In… Read more »

Oscars Round-Up From Our Man Who’s Downloaded Everything

AS the first Oscars ceremony of the Covid era draws to a close, WWN turns yet again to resident film expert Owen Caulfied, for his assessment of who-won-what based on months of illegal downloading, password-skimming and VPN-enabled dodgybox delights. Over to you, Owen! Best Film: Nomadland “I can’t see why this won to be honest…. Read more »

“These Are The Worst Set Of Oscars Nominations Since Rochus Gliese Was Nominated For ‘Sunrise’ In 1929”

WWN’s preeminent armchair film critic Trevor Nolan rages at what must be the most disappointing, crowd-pleasing, box-ticking set of Oscar nomination since the Rochus Gliese controversy of 1929. “This day will live in infamy as the day the Academy finally outdid itself and topped the farce that was the 1929 awards. Nominees from movies I’ve… Read more »

‘Alien V. Farrow’: WWN’s Review

THE long-running Alien franchise returns to screens this summer with a stunning new instalment that re-imagines the sci-fi horror masterpiece as a more grounded, Earth-based take featuring veteran actor and activist Mia Farrow. “We needed someone who could bring that sense of strength in the face of grotesque adversity, the essence of a woman who… Read more »