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We Review Netflix’s Controversial ‘Cuties’

CONGRATULATIONS pervert, you just got yourself added to an FBI watch list! In a world in desperate need of honest, level-headed debate on issues of great importance, be they cultural, political or sciencical, we at WWN are proud to provide our readers with a review of Netflix’s controversial movie ‘Cuties’, which we haven’t watched: What… Read more »

Hollywood Confident That’s The Last Of The Bad Apples

HOSTILE working environments taking in assaults, racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism, homophobia, paedophilia, you name it, Hollywood is finally satisfied it has purged its industry of all bad apples several years after Time’s Up and MeToo movements emerged. After learning that three senior Ellen Show producers have resigned on foot of accusations of sexual misconduct, senior Hollywood… Read more »

World Draws Line At ‘Clueless’ Remake

RUMBLINGS from Hollywood about a potential modern-day remake of the 90s classic ‘Clueless’ have been met with a resounding chorus of ‘no fucking way’ from a movie-loving community who feel that they’ve put up with enough of this kind of crap over the years, WWN can report. Although the world has had to sit back… Read more »

Weinstein Asks For Retrial In Ireland

CONVICTED rapist Harvey Weinstein has ordered his legal team to push for a retrial in the Republic Of Ireland, stating that ‘a mass murderer in Ireland’ wouldn’t have received the 23-year sentence he was handed yesterday. Weinstein, 67, is set to face two decades in jail for a litany of sexual assault convictions; in stark… Read more »

Dwayne Johnson Now 95% Veins

MOVIE megastar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has had to postpone filming on his latest blockbuster for several weeks, after pushing it slightly too hard in the gym and erupting into a pulsating ball of sinew and veins, WWN can confirm. Johnson, star of the Fast & Furious franchise and WWE all time great, had been… Read more »