Ranked: Worst Irish Accents In Hollywood Movies


SPARKED by the recent entry of the unspeakably twee ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ and the accents therein into the Irish hall of defamed, WWN has produced a definitive list of the most awful Irish accents to ever grace the screens of Hollywood movies:

The Field? Do we all live in fields then, the Irish? Honestly, who writes this offensive shit? Eh, right so Irish people are so obsessed with land they’d be driven to murder over it? Has this talentless hack ever even been to Ireland? And the actor and his hammy accent? Don’t get us started. Irish man Sean Bean just about rescues this movie.

Sure, we buy that lads from Cork would argue over absolutely anything, the sour shites, but in ‘The Wind That Shakes The Barley’ we’re just not buying US screen legend Eddie Murphy’s cousin, Cillian, in this one. The Cork accent should grate like nails on a chalkboard, zero points for effort. AND IT’S DIRECTED BY AN ENGLISH PRICK NO LESS!

Ah it’s stereotype bingo with this infamous movie, an Irish mother whose love for her children is neverending and full of sacrifice? Have they ever met an Irish mother? Poorly researched but what do you expect from Hollywood.

After watching this offensive portrayal of an Irish mother viewers knew exactly where they wanted to shove their left foot, up the backside of whatever Hollywood honcho thought we’d be fooled by this. Not a convincing Irish sounding syllable out of actress Brenda Fricker, who we presume was flown to and from LA to do her scenes each day.

The stereotype here is inexcusable; what? This gangly handsome Gleeson yank is supposed to pass as ‘Irish’. Give us a break, Brooklyn may be many things but devoid of offensive stabs at Irish accents it is not. He didn’t even have decency to dye his hair red for feck sake. And ‘Domhnall’? Really, what is that, a Greek name? Barely a freckle or piece of dirt on him as well? Do they take us for fools! The ‘Enniscorthy scenes’ where filmed in Palm Springs too. Charlatans the lot of them.

The Snapper failed to gain a cult following in Ireland and it’s easy to see why. The accent aside, which is offensive to Dublin people – it’s too thick by half, but was there really a need to use extensive prosthetic make up to increase the size of Hollywood star and Star Trek actor Colm Meaney’s head so it’s a ‘more Irish head’, bordering on xenophobic here lads. The worst of the lot.