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Can You Match The Fading Celebrity To Their Favourite Dictator?

WHAT past-their-prime star from yesteryear is worth their salt without an association with some of the world’s most murderous leaders? And indeed, what kind of dictator doesn’t come endorsed by a has-been celebrity? Here’s a run-down of just a few long-forgotten obscure stars; see if you can guess which evil overlord they’re cosying up to!… Read more »

Sorry Ukraine But Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock So We’re A Little Distracted Today

APOLOGIES have been extended to Ukrainian civilians currently on the receiving end of the most heinous and inhumane war crimes, but Will Smith just fucking slapped Chris Rock across the face, we kid you not! “All high-minded opinion pieces, all Tiktok explainers, all 150-tweet Twitter threads, all comment section arguments will solely be focusing on… Read more »

“I’ve Never Heard Of Him, But This Is Going To Make Me A Fortune,” Say Brendan O’Carroll And Tyler Perry At Same Time

TWO of the world’s foremost experts in dressing up as ‘the loud obnoxious old women’ stereotype have come together for a cross-over movie that both parties are excited about, even if neither have really heard of each other. Believing that what the world needed more than anything else at this time was a movie featuring… Read more »

Promoting Baldwin Shooting Interview Like Epic TV Event A Very Normal Thing To Do, Confirms US TV

PLAINTIVE piano soundtrack and emotionally manipulative edits building to a crescendo with a string quartet – all elements US broadcaster ABC say will delight sick and twisted viewers rubber necking on the shooting which resulted in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. “Ooh, honey look it’s like a movie trailer,” one enthusiastic viewer said of… Read more »