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One Tom Cruise To Be Installed In Every Home This Christmas

COUNTRIES have abandoned all information campaigns relating to large scale gatherings over the Christmas period, replacing them with a screaming Tom Cruise after he was heard explosively self-destructing in a rant aimed at film crew flouting safety measures. Administering the bollocking with an intensity normally reserved for Scientology recruitment videos, Cruise caught the attention of… Read more »

Ranked: Worst Irish Accents In Hollywood Movies

SPARKED by the unspeakably twee and diddly eye-ness of the newly released trailer for ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ and the accents therein which are surely crimes against the Irish people, WWN has produced a definitive list of the most awful Irish accents to ever grace the screens of Hollywood movies: The Field? Do we all live… Read more »

We Review Netflix’s Controversial ‘Cuties’

CONGRATULATIONS pervert, you just got yourself added to an FBI watch list! In a world in desperate need of honest, level-headed debate on issues of great importance, be they cultural, political or sciencical, we at WWN are proud to provide our readers with a review of Netflix’s controversial movie ‘Cuties’, which we haven’t watched: What… Read more »