Is It A New Netflix Show Or One We Made Up?


ALWAYS a rewarding treasure trove of new TV shows and movies, just what has Netflix got in the pipeline now, and are the concepts so harebrained and ridiculous that it’s hard to decipher them from ones WWN Entertainment employed a monkey at a typewriter to come up with? Test yourself:

Murder Among Murdering Murderers In Murdertown, Nebraska.

The sick and twisted tale of holy-shit-can-you-believe-it’s-actually-a-true-story documentary series everyone is talking about.

That Bitch Is Crazy

A steamy and gripping drama involving a love triangle between a handsome man, a woman and a very clearly crazy bitch who is going to end trying to kill someone/everyone. So bingeable, so damaging to the idea that not all women are unhinged psychopaths.

Foreign Language Show Your Friend Keeps Bugging You To Watch Even Though You Explain You’re Not A ‘Subtitles Guy’

Critically acclaimed intensely dark and depressing detective show you’d love if you just gave it a go.

Undercover Prince Switched At Birth

Romantic comedy about two princes switched at birth who then grow up unaware of what their actual true identity is; that of being royalty from a different royal family in a different country.

This discovery complicates things as they’ve fallen for who turn out to be their biological sisters while attending the annual World Royalty Ball.

But it all ends happily when the princes realise they have actually always been in love with the women they grew up with who they wrongly presumed were their biological sisters.

Man, this fucked up and yet, 100% of Netflix’s female audience will cause a global shortage in batteries after wearing out their vibrators watching it.

Typewriter Monkey

A diligent and hardworking monkey is secretly the source of 83% of all of Netflix’s online content. Take a peak behind the scenes to see what Bubbles has planned next.

Nothing Before 1994

This eerie and suspenseful documentary explores the horrifying and haunting reasons Netflix doesn’t seem to believe movies from before 1994 exist.