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For Just €4 A Month, You Can Help Save ISIS From Extinction

ISIS is disappearing. With as few as 1,500 fighters left in the world, this terrorist organisation could soon disappear for good. But with your help, we can save Islamic State. In the mountains and towns of Syria and Iraq, ISIS once majestically roamed. These fearsome fighters proudly massacred, kidnapped or enslaved thousands of civilians and soldiers…. Read more »

All Future Wars To Be Carried Out In Syria

SOME of the world’s leading organisations, including NATO and the UN, have today agreed to proxy all future wars through the middle eastern state of Syria, paving the way for countries to finalise their disagreements with minimal collateral damage in their own territories. The new ruling will allow warring nations to set up 20 military bases each across the Syrian state, with the… Read more »

Netanyahu Going To Bomb Someone If It Kills Him

IRASCIBLE Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is itchin’ to do some bombin’ according to sources, with reports coming in that if he doesn’t bomb Iran soon, he’ll ‘do the fucking bop altogether’. Keeping a low profile after international condemnation for an assault on Palestinian protestors last month, the Israeli premier turned his attention to Iran with… Read more »