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BREAKING: Attractive Rich People Riding Again

NEWS SITES and Instagram gossip accounts have been driven to the verge of orgasmic climax over the news that two attractive rich people are once again having sex with one another. Pushing various news stories about climate devastation, famine, vaccine inequality and war from the front pages, leading publications have confirmed that Jennifer Lopez, a… Read more »

Hollywood Confident That’s The Last Of The Bad Apples

HOSTILE working environments taking in assaults, racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism, homophobia, paedophilia, you name it, Hollywood is finally satisfied it has purged its industry of all bad apples several years after Time’s Up and MeToo movements emerged. After learning that three senior Ellen Show producers have resigned on foot of accusations of sexual misconduct, senior Hollywood… Read more »

World Draws Line At ‘Clueless’ Remake

RUMBLINGS from Hollywood about a potential modern-day remake of the 90s classic ‘Clueless’ have been met with a resounding chorus of ‘no fucking way’ from a movie-loving community who feel that they’ve put up with enough of this kind of crap over the years, WWN can report. Although the world has had to sit back… Read more »

‘MeToo’ Claims Another Innocent Man Brought Down By Multiple Victims & Verifiable Accounts

SINCE the so-called #MeToo era emerged, the same regrettable pattern has replicated itself; innocent men in the entertainment industry are framed thanks to long standing rumours everyone was aware of, admissions of their own guilt and verified accounts of abusive behaviour. Each day, the feminist agenda reaches a new low in its attempts to bring… Read more »

Hollywood Walk Of Fame Reduced To Just 4 Tiles After Abusers’ Stars Removed

CALIFORNIA’S famed Walk of Fame has been dramatically reduced in length overnight after officials from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce finally finished removing all abusers’ tiles from the iconic stroll, WWN can confirm. The vast array of the once good and once great of Hollywood was a huge tourist attraction spanning 15 blocks in downtown… Read more »