‘MeToo’ Claims Another Innocent Man Brought Down By Multiple Victims & Verifiable Accounts


SINCE the so-called #MeToo era emerged, the same regrettable pattern has replicated itself; innocent men in the entertainment industry are framed thanks to long standing rumours everyone was aware of, admissions of their own guilt and verified accounts of abusive behaviour.

Each day, the feminist agenda reaches a new low in its attempts to bring down men; specifically ones there is an overwhelming body of evidence against. Where will this all end? With people experiencing the consequences of their actions? We here at WWN’s Actually, Not All Men Awareness Group (ANAMAG) shudder to think.

The latest real victim in this unrelenting bitch hunt is screenwriter Max Landis, known for Chronicle, the Will Smith starring Netflix movie Bright, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and nothing else because he’s done now.

In our attempts to get to the truth behind innocent men being brought down by multiple victims and their verifiable accounts, we turned to an expert; that one person in comment sections whose avatar is a picture of a car they don’t own that oddly never believes victims no matter the circumstances.

“Victims, who have no previous connection to one another, come forward separately and independently, sharing their accounts which are then only published by journalists when they meet a credible threshold and can be verified…sounds like the definition of an unfounded lie, right?” explained the anonymous man, who asked us politely not to look to deeply into why he was so troubled by these men being found out.

Sounding a cautionary note, Anonyman concluded “how long has it been since this MeToo business all kicked off? It’s a sad state of affairs that after the vast, vast majority of these claims have proven to be true, victims are still being listened to and believed.”.