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Varadkar To Face Mild Sautéing In Dáil

LEO Varadkar will today continue to simmer on a low-heat following accusations that he leaked government documents to the National Association Of General Practitioners, with opposition parties being granted just 10 minutes to question him. “You can’t grill a politician in ten minutes, so the best we’re hoping for is to sear him a little… Read more »

FF/FG Describe Terrifying Scenario In Which Public Get To Vote Again If Coalition Isn’t Formed

FIANNA FÁIL and Fine Gael have taken to the media to outline for the Irish public the horrifying prospect of something called a ‘general election’ if the parties, along with the Greens, fail to ratify the potential coalition’s programme for government. Questions of Seanad appointees, electing a Taoiseach and constitutional crisis aside, the two parties… Read more »

Leaked: Varadkar’s Final Speech As Taoiseach

WITH the new three-party coalition paving the way for Micheál Martin to become Ireland’s next Taoiseach, current Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s days of Taoiseaching are coming to a close. Much of Varadkar’s final months as Taoiseach have been defined by his addresses to the nation during the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, famed for the occasional vague hint… Read more »