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HSE Just 30 More Rushed Overhauls Away From Not Being Fixed

WITH the announcement by minister for health Simon Harris of plans for 6 regional health areas within the HSE, Ireland is tantalisingly close to being just 30 rushed overhauls away from the health service not being in any better shape. “This is definetly going to work…probably,” an exhausted looking Simon Harris said, hoping the public and… Read more »

How Exclusion Zones Around Hospitals Would Work

WITH PERSISTENT talk of proposed exclusion zones being implemented in an effort to reduce the abuse endured by women attending hospitals that provide abortion services, WWN looks at how such zones would work. While there are a number of proposals being considered, the department of health has whittled down the number of options available to… Read more »

GP Prescribing Benzos Like He’s On Commission

“Oh, you’re feeling a little bit down after your gerbil died; here’s a prescription for some benzos that should keep you in a nice, vegetative state for the next few years,” Dr. Kevin Hoggan told his 5th such patient this week as we entered his surgery. Speaking to WWN, the general practitioner admitted to not knowing off hand… Read more »

Here’s What The HSE Is Fucking Up Today

AS HAS become apparent in recent years it is near impossible for the average person to keep abreast of the large volume of fuck ups overseen by senior officials at the HSE and in the Department of Health, which is why WWN has produced this daily guide to keep you informed. Apologies we haven’t done… Read more »