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Thank God! New Covid-19 Clusters Mostly Affecting Low Paid Workers, Direct Provision & Travelling Community

A SIGNIFICANT sigh of relief was emitted by those in Ireland who, fearing the worst, thought for the briefest moment the rise in Covid-19 cases might have been affecting important people like the middle class. With clusters reported among low paid workers, Direct Provision residents and the Travelling Community, the tension felt by genuinely important… Read more »

The Pros & Cons Of Keeping Pubs Closed

THE TAOISEACH made the reluctant decision to delay the reopening of pubs for at least another 3 weeks, prompting auld lads at the end of bars to spontaneously combust from blind rage. But with Covid-19 cases on the rise here and elsewhere, many believe there are only easy, simple and obvious measures to put in… Read more »

Man Who Broke Lockdown Constantly & Never Wears Mask Annoyingly Hasn’t Gotten Covid-19 Yet

LOCAL Covid-19 scofflaw Miles O’Hannon is still free from Coronavirus despite adhering to none of the precautionary measures or regulations laid out by the government, much to the chagrin of his ‘goody two-shoes’ neighbours and friends. O’Hannon, 35, tackled Coronavirus with an ‘it’s all a load of shite’ approach that many believed would surely come… Read more »