Local Man Haunted By Cross Trainer Of Christmas Past


A DUBLIN man has called on local priests to exorcize his home in a bid to rid his spare room of a recurring entity that has been haunting him for the past 11 months, WWN can report.

Martin Giles first recalled the spirit in the early part of this year but didn’t take any notice of it at the time.

“I awoke one night to see it at the end of my bed with some towels hanging off of it and jumped right up out of bed with the fright,” Giles recalls, who used the machine once on New Year’s Day, “I just put it down to the light playing tricks on me and went back to sleep, but then in the last few weeks it just started getting worse”.

In one instance, the 45-year-old stubbed his toe off the cross trainer while going to the toilet early one morning, leaving Giles speaking in tongues.

“Martin began cursing and shouting incoherently at the machine like a mad man possessed,” wife Tabitha recalls the terrifying incident, “the cross trainer just kind of loomed over him, almost taunting Martin for not using it”.

Despite moving the exercise machine into the spare room, it continued to haunt the couple.

“Sometimes when I walk upstairs the door to the room creeks open to reveal the trainer peering out, almost calling me into use it like a siren to a sailor,” added Martin Giles, who admitted to purchasing more gym equipment ahead of his next New Year’s fitness resolution, “my fear now is being haunted by the treadmill of Christmas present or the kettlebell of Christmas future”.