Ungrateful Health Workers Not Happy With Applause, Now Looking For Money


YOU couldn’t make it up! In a stunning turn of events that highlights the greed of certain members of our healthcare service, WWN has learned that unions representing healthcare workers are demanding the payment of bonuses for their efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic; and not just feel-good bonuses either.

“We’re talking money, actual currency, not just plaudits and rounds of applause” sighed one governmental source we spoke to, expressing just how disappointed he was at the greed on display from nurses, doctors, and various other hospital staff.

“I’ll be honest with you, I’m not surprised. I said it to my colleagues at the time; I said you wait and see, they’ll want a little extra payment for all those hours they’re spending on the frontline, tackling the pandemic. They won’t be happy with us giving them a thumbs up, you wait and see. And here we are, 18 months later, and they’re sniffing around to see what they can get. Shameless”.

With all signs pointing to healthcare workers and other public sector employees receiving bonuses in the form of extra days off and non-taxable vouchers as a means to solve the impasse, the government are quick to point out that there are many other workers who clocked in every day of the pandemic without receiving so much as a single clap.

“Not trying to pit public sector against private sector in a bid to distract from anything we may have done or failed to do, but did you get a round of applause for your efforts last year?” our source added, throwing more shade on those mooching frontline workers.