A First: Man Gives Blood Without Telling Everyone


RESEARCHERS investigating claims that Irish man Harry Ronan has the ability to donate blood without telling everybody about it have said they are dumbfounded, calling for further funding to help discover what his secret is.

The 32-year-old Kilkenny man reportedly gives blood on a regular basis but yet somehow doesn’t gloat about it online or constantly bringing it up to friends and family members.

“He just comes in, gives his pint and leaves without so much as a word,” nurses working at a local donation centre explained, “it’s like he’s doing this as a selfless act and is not looking for kind of praise or reward from his fellow peers”.

The strange phenomenon was reported late last year when Mickey Hennessy, a friend of the son-of-two, discovered a plaster patch on Ronan’s arm, before pressing him on why it was there.

“I nearly had to beat it out of him,” Hennessey recalls, “he first said it was ‘nothing’, and then when I kept asking him for the following hour or two he finally caved in and revealed he gave blood – I felt it was only right to tell everyone for him. You can’t just give blood like that and not boast about it”.

The news comes after the Irish Blood Transfusion Service made renewed calls for blood as stocks have become depleted as it usually aims to always have seven days of stock on hand – but in some areas, they’re now down to two days. Appointments can be made by calling freephone 1800 222 111.