Here’s An Unflattering Photo Of A Celebrity We’ve Chosen To Goad You Into Shitting On Them


THAT actor from that thing you watched 30 years ago looks totally unrecognisable today and just look at this picture we illegally snapped of her in a vulnerable position.

Stuck for money to pay our high-end paparazzi this week, we sent our intern Dave from accounts down the road to try snap a picture of someone, anyone of vague interest in a bid to get you all piling into the comment sections here to say your piece.

Comments like, ‘she’s really let herself go’, ‘what happened her face?’, ‘she’s obviously depressed’, are all fair game here so please let your poisoned little fingers do their thing while we reap the benefits of paid advertising banners selling you things you don’t need under the guise of ‘news and entertainment’.

Goading you with phrases like, ‘doesn’t she look great’, and ‘you go girl’, let us entice you to engage with witty put-downs via anonymous Twitter handles and shame this once beloved actor being into oblivion in the hopes it fills that never-ending void in your scurrilous heart.

Join us for tomorrow’s article on how said celebrity takes trolls to task.