6-Year-Old Tackled By Security After Attempting Just Stop Oil Protest During Toy Show


CHAOS engulfed Patrick Kelty’s first ever Late Late Toy Show and forced RTÉ to briefly cut the feed to its big ratings winners.

Minutes ago, 6-year-old Casey O’Neill was mercilessly tackled to the ground by security heavies as she deviated significantly from the Toy Show script.

O’Neill had been scheduled to discuss a range of Barbie dolls with Kielty amiably playing along however, things took a turn when the young Cork girl took off her hoodie to reveal a Just Stop Oil t-shirt and began dousing Barbies in orange paint.

“There is no more perfect metaphor for how morally bankrupt we are as a people that adults clap and cheer as they are handed out free stuff while us kids, who will have nothing to cheer or clap in a future dominated by climate disaster and climate refugees, perform for your amusement in this capitalist consumerist orgy you call the Toy Show,” O’Neill’s tirade began before she was tackled, smashing into a large Lego display of cartoon favourite Bluey.

Initial gasps gave way to audible boos as the crowd, who had been enjoying festivities up until then, began to hurl abuse in the direction of O’Neill who has been restrained in handcuffs.

“Get her the fuck out, go on, fuck off with ye,” one audience member could be heard shouting as he was held back by security, so incensed was he by the desecration of this sacred night in Irish culture.

A statement from RTÉ said: “We thoroughly vet all Toy Show children and take great care in identifying any children with extremist views. As you will all remember, we foiled an ISIS terror cell posing as the show’s token precocious nerdy bookworm child in 2016, rejected Gerry Adams application to the first ever Toy Show but tonight we failed and failed utterly. For that we are sorry”.