Tent Manufacturers Confirm Confidence In Coalition Government


WHEN YOUR luck is in, your luck is well and truly in and that’s certainly the case with the Irish government this morning, who have been on the receiving end of yet more good news.

Fresh from Minister for Justice Helen McEntee surviving a vote of no confidence comes a ringing endorsement in the form of a vote of confidence from tent manufacturers everywhere.

“It’s obviously bad PR for us to say we’re blooming ecstatic that the government has confirmed it isn’t at all bothered newly arrived asylum seekers are out on the street or that it is on course to break its own homelessness records again, but what can I say, Big Tent ain’t complaining,” confirmed a spokesperson for one manufacturer who will benefit from the increased demand for tents.

Cork City Council collecting just 10% of available revenue from the derelict site levy, a €1bn of the housing budget left unspent by Darragh O’Brien in the previous two years and empty, state-owned buildings left unconverted into sites suitable for housing refugees might all add up to give someone the impression Irish politicians are failing on all fronts but tent producers have stated ‘hey, go easy on them, our profits are set to increase’.

“Our friends in another industry, the bench building sector, are also really enthused by what they’re seeing,” confirmed a spokesperson for one tent manufacturer.

Meanwhile, the government has put ten grand behind the Dáil bar to celebrate continuing to knock this serving the people and protecting the vulnerable business out of the park.