Toddler Relaxes After Long Day Of Thrashing The Gaff


IN ADDITION to his mid-morning and mid-afternoon naps, a local Meath based toddler has been so exhausted by his daily travails that he is praying his parents will leave be to chill out this evening.

“They think it’s easy but honestly, if they ask me to open another press and throw everything on the floor I think I’ll faint I’m that pooped, also, so is my nappy,” confirmed 2-year-old Tom Carrick.

“It was all go today, the woman, the angry one who gives me milk – she kept messing the place up by wiping down walls. I was like, really? You need me to draw with a crayon all over it AGAIN?!” continued Carrick, barely able to keep his eyes open while throwing a GHD down the toilet.

Completely and utterly ‘done’ with the heavy workload his parents give him, Carrick took to his favourite activity; falling asleep on the floor in the hallway but was barely able to enjoy the slumber as his father insisted on bouncing him up and down on his knee.

“He’s gets some craic out of it, so I don’t like to see the sun go down on a day and deprive him of it,” confirmed the toddler, “but still, there’s only so much energy left in me, I’m not long on solids. Speaking of solids, this nappy needs another change”.

Just as he thought his day was coming to a close, Carrick remembered he had completely forgotten to try and swallow an object, such as a candle holder, whole.