Best Counties For Dogging


A BELOVED past time engaged in by over 120,000 Irish people every week, dogging is almost as popular as Gaelic Games in some pockets of the country but just what are the best counties for an auld park and ride?

WWN has the answer:


The county’s substantial coastline, coupled with its abundance of parking facilities near these local beauties spots means Cork has the locations, and lord knows they have a substantial cohort of deviants.

And remember if the guards happen upon the scene, you can flea naked and make your escape. Were the guards to apprehend you, you have the perfect innocent explanation on hand; you were just out for a 2am naked swim, like a normal person often is.


Already poorly lit due to the horrific reactions to the relative unattractive of its people, the conditions are ideal for some consensual fumble in the dark.

The true enjoyment of dogging as we all know is in the mystery of it all, and the lack of light coverage in the evenings means the thrill of not knowing who were playing joystick bingo with is maintained.

The usual caveat of being careful not to accidentally ride a direct relative remains in place.


It’s believed 21% of Waterford couples met while dogging.


The concept of a ‘layby’ or ‘hard shoulder’ was invented in Monaghan, but it wasn’t simply for pulling in your car in the event of breakdown. No, this was a designated area were people could get laid in or receive a ‘hard shoulder’, a particularly vigorous act of love making which saw a person’s shoulder end up… well you get the picture.


If you’re just into the dogging for the watching and peering into cars look no further than Yeats country. Sligo has the first purpose built dogging arena with a capacity for 1,000 onlookers and four jumbo TV screens ensuring you don’t miss any of the action.