Signs You’re The Least Favourite Housemate


HOUSESHARING has its pros and cons, but one thing is for sure; it can suck harder than a Henry the Hoover bitten by Dracula if you get the feeling that you are loathed by your housemates.

But just how can you be sure you’re the least favourite housemate? Read on to find out:

The secret WhatsApp group you’re not in sees your housemates’ phones regularly ping in unison followed by muffled laughter.

Your mere entrance into a communal space is more effective at clearing a room than a farting corpse.

There is little accommodation given to your recent foray into the entrepreneurial field of dealing drugs from the house.

You begin to suspect your nickname ‘The Burden’ is less complimentary than it first appeared.

Housemate drinks always seem ti line up with when you’ve gone back home for the weekend.

You’ve been living under the stairs like Harry Potter for several years despite a high turnover of housemates and the largest bedroom being up for grabs.

You bring back 18 people at 4am on a Monday night and it’s like you strangled a puppy.

The cleaning rota always seems to end up with you cleaning the bathroom when the toilet is clogged. You’re even forced to clear out the sink that has that still has that shit you did in it.

Your unrefined loutish housemates have no appreciation for your monthly toe-clipping sessions in the kitchen.

Perhaps, the handwritten ‘Eviction Notice but just for The Burden’ slipped under your door may not have come directly from the landlord.

Deirdre can run two washes in the one day but you never hear the end of it about electricity bills when you install a grow house in the attic.