The Top 5 Places To Live In Ireland Have Been Revealed


A ‘LIVEABLE TOWNS’ survey commissioned by Life Balance magazine in conjunction with developer Unforeseen Delays has confirmed the top five places in Ireland to live.

With a wealth of majestic towns and flourishing communities just admit it, you clicked in half expecting to see your shit hole of a town, didn’t you?

Granted, you knew it was as likely as an overflowing sewage pump winning the Tidy Towns but still, you clicked for that reason, admit it. Local pride is nothing to be ashamed of, even if your town is a prime filming location for a post-apocalyptic horror movie.

But at some point you’ve got to be realistic, even the road out of your town isn’t much to write home about.

You knew somewhere like Kinsale could be name dropped, a Dalkey or Killiney might get a mention sure, but c’mon, your town would give Chernobyl a run for its money in the abandoned vacant buildings stakes.

That sad little crossroads you call a town is such an eyesore even Dermot Bannon wouldn’t recommend putting a window in. And while you weren’t 100% sure you’re town was in the mix, you were at least 50% deluded it deserves to lick the filth scrubbed out of the flawless flowerbeds you’d find in Dingle.

The human mind’s a curious beast, someone says ‘the crack den’ round your way and you have to ask them to be more specific because there’s at least 20 locations that can apply to, and yet, when you find out they were naming best places to live that same brain thought it was your town’s time to shine.